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Anyone can run, but it all changes when you are running for your life from a horde of hungry, merciless zombies.  Test your speed, cunning and endurance in  this one of a kind zombie infested run.  Register now for Zombie Run. Choose your location then decide whether to be a runner or if you are going to join the Zombie horde.  Register at
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Zombie Run 2015 Locations

Zombie Run will be in the following cities in 2015 with one of our signature events; Zombie Run, Zombie Run: Urban Assault or Zombie Run: Escape


Perry, GA10/24/2015Zombie Run: EscapeRegister Now


Learn more about our signature events; Zombie Run, Zombie Run: Urban Assault, and Zombie Run: Escape Zombie Run- The original zombie infested 5k obstacle race with 200+ zombies, 10-12 natural and man-made obstacles

Zombie Run: Urban Assault- A 5k zombie infested fun run.  300 zombies for all ages

Zombie Run: Escape- Custom events for unique venues.  Run from Zombies at a stadium, abandoned psychiatric hospital, closed prison or moth-balled battleship.  While the distance and capacity varies by venue, the experience is one you won’t soon forget.

Zombie Run: Patient Zero- Under Development

Zombie Run
Zombie Run:
Urban Assault
Zombie Run:
Distance5k5kvaries by venue
Festivalyes-with one free beer where allowedyes-beer for sale where allowedyes-beer for sale where allowed
Finisher Medalyesyesyes
Race Bibyesyesyes
Ages11+ runner
14+ zombie
No age limit11+ runner
14+ zombie
Spectator Feeyesnoyes
Cost (early/regular/late)$55/$65/$75$45/$50/$60Varies by venue
Parking Feevaries by locationvaries by locationvaries by location
Obstacles10-120varies by location


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