Race Info

The Basics

Waves every 15 minutes from 9 a.m. to early afternoon

5k course with 10 obstacles and over 100 zombies

The Details

The apocalypse is muddy.  The 5k course follows a path along a deserted carnival midway, grassy fields, thick forests, barns and outbuildings.

A flimsy fence separates you from hordes of flesh-eating zombies.  It is just a matter of time before you are overrun.  There is only one hope: a mile and a half away there grows a plant that contains a serum that will save humanity.

Can you overcome obstacles, avoid the brain eating Zombies and make it to the finish line alive?

Before the race, you will be given a flag belt These flags represent your health.

The zombies want to take your flags and maybe eat your brains.

If you lose all your health flags, you die. And the zombies win.

This Run WILL NOT be timed.

Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse requires more than mere speed.  Participants must use their agility, intact brains, and teamwork to overcome obstacles and evade the hordes of Zombies.

For those reasons this run will not be officially timed. You may track your own time, however this time is NOT OFFICIAL, WILL NOT BE PUBLISHED, and IS NOT NECESSARY FOR PRIZE CONSIDERATION.


Would you like to be a zombie?  Who wouldn’t? Our Zombies’ mission is simple: to steal the runners health flags.

“Stumbler” Zombies are the traditional slow undead of classic films (Think “Dawn of the Living Dead”)  Our stumblers won’t have to chase the runners but can use “coralling” techniques to grab flags.

“Chaser” Zombies are of an entirely different breed.  Chaser Zombies are fleet-footed, agile predators and can chase down runners at will.  Chaser Zombies usually work alone but have been known to blend in with their slower “Stumbler” brethren.  Chaser status will be assigned by your Zombie Wrangler.

Zombie Wranglers will be on hand to help you to your station and determine who is a stumbler and who is a chaser.

Our Zombies will arrive an hour before their shift in order to receive make-up  (wounds, blood, maggots, etc.).  Your clothing should look absolutely horrendous, but make sure your footwear is adequate.  And remember, zombies can either rise from the grave (in which case you’ll be wearing your best funeral attire that has adorned your rotting corpse for years) or be infected by a bite while walking down the street, minding your own business.  So you could be a zombie celebrity, politician, or member of the Village People….go crazy, as long as you look dead.

* Zombies are not second class citizens.  In addition to the race benefits (t-shirt, medal, party, one free beer) When your zombie tour is complete you can switch teams and run the course (not timed).  Please note that you will not be eligible for prizes because you will already know the course.  *You will not be asked to enter the Zombie Shooting Gallery.



Why not join the party?  We have a couple of spectator areas on the course where you will have a great view of the action.  Bring a lawn chair and enjoy the show.

Early Race Packet Pick up

Early packet pick up may be available at select locations.  Check the information for each venue.