Zombie Run St. Louis


**Heads up St. Louis Runners and Zombies.  If you are a runner in the 12:15 pm wave or LATER, or if you are a zombie in the NOON shift, please check your email for important changes.  Thanks!**

Join us for the first-ever Zombie Run in St. Louis! The run will take place on June 29, 2013 at the Battlegrounds at Cedar Lake in Wright City, MO.  Zombie Run is a zombie-infested 5k fun run where you can be a zombie, a runner, or an observer of the apocalypse. Our charity partner is Smile Train, and our goal for Zombie Run St. Louis 2013 is to raise enough money to pay for 15 cleft lip and palate repairs for children in developing countries.

Register now! https://zombierun.webconnex.com/register


Rules & Safety at Zombie Run

1. Do not have direct or intentional aggressive physical contact with any runner or zombie. Do not touch, hit, tackle, kick or anything else that may be harmful to the Zombies or other runners.

2. Zombies may take only one flag per runner.

3. Do not hide your flags inside of your clothing, wrap your flags around your belt, hold onto the flag, etc. This is a fun run, there is no reason to cheat.

4. No weapons of any kind including props.

5. Do not bring drugs, outside alcohol, or outside food / beverages into the event. Approved beverages include unopened water or sports drinks up to 20 ounces.

6. No pets, please

7. Do not steal flags. Runners are not allowed to take other runner’s flags or pick them up off the ground.

8. Wear your race bib when you are on the course.

9. Abide by all instructions given from the race directors, race staff, volunteers and security.

10. Do bring an official form of identification (driver’s license, photo ID, etc.) or a parent/guardian if you are a minor. All participants must sign a waiver prior to entry.

11. Do bring a towel and change of clothes. We will hoses available to hose-off. It will be rustic.

12. Do bring $10 cash for parking and please have cash ready. We highly recommend you carpool.

13. Do consider wearing costumes, they are both welcomed and encouraged. What better way to identify your team of family and friends and confuse the zombies?

14. If you are a zombie abide by the safe zone boundaries established.

15. Zombies: There are two types of Zombies you must avoid while on the course, fast and slow. Be prepared for either.

16. We recommend you arrive at least 1 hour before your Outbreak time to allow time for parking, onsite registration, and race packet pickup as well as locating the starting line.

17. Bring an official form of identification (license, passport, photo ID, etc.) or a parent/guardian if you are a minor. We will not be able to let you into the event otherwise.

18. You will be given three flags at registration. Your flags must be worn on the outside of your clothes and they must remain visible to course officials while you are on the course If you lose all your flags on the course, continue the run. There may be opportunities to find or win flags later on the course.

19. Loss of all lifelines DOES NOT instantly transform you into a Zombie, continue to the finish line.