The Course

Hold onto your health flags as you go over, under, around, and through 10+ natural and man-made obstacles.  Some are inhabited by zombies, while others are challenging enough on their own.  But keep an eye out, the zombies are everywhere on the trail.   Without giving it all away, here is a brief description of the obstacles.

Apocalypse Alley: The carnival barkers and freak shows are gone from this deserted carnival midway.  Or have they?

Hay there:  Working around and over haybales is no big deal.  It’s the “friends” in the area that might give you some difficulty.

Monkey Trouble

Maze o’ Zombies

The Ladder

High Steppin

Heads up Tails Down:

Up & Down

Triple Threat

It is Late October in Vermont and that could mean… well anything.  The organizers reserve the right to keep the mud to a minimum if the temperatures are expected to dip.  Hypothermia sucks.